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The Antipodean Antinuclearism project consists of a companion web archive and an academic monograph in the advanced stages of development. 

Principal investigator: N.A.J. Taylor
Key institutional partners: The University of Queensland's John Denis Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature and Deakin University's Center for Contemporary Histories

Project team: For the archival research component of the project (Phases 1-4), the principal investigator was the grateful recipient of the 2020 Fryer Library Fellowship at The University of Queensland, where the Richard Sylvan Papers are held. A great number of University Library and Archival Services staff were mobilised in support of the fellowship. In particular, the principal investigator would like to thank the following librarians, archivists and assistants: Simon Farley, Elizabeth Alvey, Dulcie Stewart, Mandy Swingle, Jörn Harbeck, Belinda Spinaze, Linda Justo, Kerri Klumpp, Flic French, Jeff Rickertt, Lucy Russell, Tina Macht, Christine Heslehurst, Belinda Spinaze, Francisco Roelas, Marie Hughes, Tricia Sibraa, Heather Griffiths, Wayne Sharma, Cassandra Graesser, Chris Hale, and Hannah Hillhouse. For the digital humanities component of the project (Phase 5), the principal investigator subsequently received funding to enhance the web presentation and interpretation of the materials from Deakin University's Contemporary Histories Research Group as a 2021-23 Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow. 

Copyright permissions: Approval to digitise and distribute the archival materials, both sole authored by Richard Routley/Sylvan and co-authored with Val Routley/Plumwood, was generously approved by Louise Sylvan and Kate Rigby, who are the custodians of Sylvan and Plumwood's estates, respectively. Several of Sylvan and Plumwood's contemporaries offered guidance and encouragement from the project's earliest stages, particularly Dominic Hyde, Roger Lamb, and Brian Martin. 

Acknowledgement of Country: The Richard Sylvan Papers are situated at The University of Queensland's St Lucia and Gattan campuses, on Turrbal and Jagera country. The principal investigator acknowledges that the Traditional Custodians' sovereignty of these lands and waters has never been ceded, and pays respect to their elders and ancestors, past and present.